East Sussex WRAS Wildlife Rescue appeal

East Sussex WRAS Wildlife Rescue urgently need your help to avoid us having to cut back on essential services this summer!




Urgent Summer Staff Appeal!

We urgently need your help to avoid us having to cut back on essential services this summer!


Click above to watch a short appeal video.


I am reaching out to share my concerns about how we will manage this spring and summer and to seek your assistance.

In 2023, we experienced an 18% increase in the number of casualties we handled, totalling nearly 6000, making it our busiest year on record. More than half of the mammals we treated are on the Vulnerable Conservation list, and 52% of the birds are listed as Red or Amber by the RSPB, indicating a decline in their populations. This surge strained all our resources to the maximum, coinciding with a decrease in our fundraising income. Regrettably, we anticipate similar challenges for 2024.

WRAS's Care Team are already hard at work helping baby birds.


They will deal with thousands of casualties this summer.

At WRAS, we are once again preparing for a rise in casualties during the upcoming months. We are already rescuing fledglings being blown out of trees and have taken in an orphaned badger cub. If the trend of increases continues as it did last year, our already limited resources will face even greater pressure.

To maintain our top-notch wildlife rescue service, we will need to raise an additional £34,000 to support the extra dedicated staff required for the Spring/Summer period. This includes extended reception coverage for rescue coordination into the evenings, additional hours for our dedicated Care Team to admit casualties and provide urgent first aid, and an extension of our Veterinary Surgeon's hours to care for the extra casualties.




After a long and wet winter, everyone at WRAS is eagerly anticipating the warmer spring and summer days, despite the challenges we faced. Rising costs and increased workloads are causing genuine concern, especially as we continue to search for a site for our new Hospital.

According to the latest reports on stateofnature.org.uk, the UK ranks among the world's most nature-depleted nations due to a century of habitat loss, management changes, and 

development. The report highlights that nearly 1 in 6 wild species are at risk, with more species declining since 1970.

Climate change is also contributing to the decline in nature, raising questions about how we can reduce our environmental impact. Shifts in weather patterns, such as strong winds, rain leading to floods, and overall warmer temperatures, are all influencing our ecosystem.


"Many people contact us in distress when they come across an injured animal. It is crucial to respond promptly and provide assistance to the injured animal. However, during the summer months, the volume of calls increases, and they extend throughout the day and evening. Managing these calls can be challenging. Having additional trained staff dedicated to handling calls will help in providing quicker assistance to both the injured animals and the callers in need."

Kristy Sayer, WRAS Rescue Coordinator & Reception



Today, I am reaching out to ask if you could support WRAS with a donation of £5 to make a difference for our wildlife this summer.

Your donation of £5 (or more if possible) will contribute to our goal of raising an extra £34,000 to secure sufficient staff and resources for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons.

There are various ways to donate: scan the QR code below, click on the donate button on this e-mail or visit our website https://wildlifeambulance.org/donate/summer-staff-appeal.



Trevor Weeks MBE
Founder & Operations Director

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS).








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