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Your favourite place in East Sussex?

Chailey Common is my favourite place to have a stroll and clear my head when I feel like thinking and coming up with creative ideas.

The first record you bought?

It was a various artists Trojan Reggae album called ''Club Reggae" that came out in 1974. I purchased it a few years later when I was old enough to buy records.

Favourite band / artist?

I love so many artists so will answer this with my favourite song instead and that song is Baby shark.. It's a banger. 😉 !!

Favourite football team?

I don't follow football but if I did, I would want the Seagulls to win as they are the team my family supports.

Finally, it's our round, what are you drinking?

I have a nickname here at Ashdown Radio and it is "Two Pints Paddy" as I do not drink often. When I do drink, I become very hyperactive like a child that has too much sugar. If I was to pick a drink it would be a Guiness.

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