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Paddy gets you home with a giggle! Plus the latest travel news every 30 minutes

Including 2 from 1 @ 3 - suggestions are welcome. He also has Taxi Please where Brummie Bev heads to a mysterious location in East Sussex, can you work out the location from her description?

For you music hit detectives try and work out the song the Wonky Warbler is playing. You're also going to need to help pick two songs for a wacky news item!>

Your favourite place in East Sussex?

Chailey Common is my favourite place to have a stroll and clear my head when I feel like thinking and coming up with creative ideas.

The first record you bought?

It was a various artists Trojan Reggae album called ''Club Reggae" that came out in 1974. I purchased it a few years later when I was old enough to buy records.

Favourite band / artist?

I love so many artists so will answer this with my favourite song instead and that song is Baby shark.. It's a banger. 😉 !!

Favourite football team?

I don't follow football but if I did, I would want the Seagulls to win as they are the team my family supports.

Finally, it's our round, what are you drinking?

I have a nickname here at Ashdown Radio and it is "Two Pints Paddy" as I do not drink often. When I do drink, I become very hyperactive like a child that has too much sugar. If I was to pick a drink it would be a Guiness.

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